oh hey, my name is ana and you probably won't like anyway.

guys can be so sweet…
so this guy - i have a little crush on and that i’m actually mad at him (long story) - sent me two snaps and since i’ve been ignoring him for a long time i decided to reply and sent him a snap saying: “how about you fuck off” and he came up to me on chat and told me i had one boob up and the other down.
ok, do u think i use a damn bra all the time? how dumb r u? ugh what the hell?
i’m so so so pissed.


Zoom of a photo of OTMA (Well minus Maria) playing tennis with their father, showing Anastasia wearing sandals! And they’re sandals that look a little small for her at that.
Nastya I love you but…tights and sandals?

Marcel Breuer, Piscator apartment interior, 1927

Found Photo: Girl and Skeleton by Neato Coolville on Flickr.
Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963)


Created by Julien Douvier




A 19th century miniature of Napoleon as first consul.


Actual Disney First Consul.
Then, the sky and I are in open conversation,
And I shall be useful when I lie down finally :
Then the trees may touch me for once,
and the flowers have time for me.
I am vertical, Sylvia Plath, in Arbres d’Hiver, p. 68, NRF, Poésie/Gallimard,1999

One-wheel motorcycle invented by Italian M. G. de Udine in 1931; maximum speed 93 mph

Betty Boop’s Halloween Party (1933)
Audrey Hepburn Gets A Haircut As Cameras Roll in The Nun's Story

"If she had been 10 years younger, she would have cried. But Audrey Hepburn, being a mature and modern young woman, didn’t even wince much when her hair was shorn for the final scenes in "The Nun’s Story."

In her role of a Belgian girl who becomes a nursing nun, the hair cutting is part of the ritual as the girl prepares to don her habit as a novice. Director Fred Zinnemann scheduled the Warner Brothers picture so that the very last scene was with the shears.

And in order to make sure that the job was done properly and authentically, the director put Audrey’s personal hairdresser in the habit of a nun to do the cutting in the scene. After the scene, the hairdresser made a few additional trimmings and considerable arrangements, and Audrey emerged looking for all the world like a young woman with fashionable short hair.” May 27, 1959. The Milwaukee Journal. =

"I lost a four year growth of hair in four minutes." Audrey Hepburn 


Still Life
Vincent van Gogh, 1888


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